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Attention Columbus, Ohio...

Do you want to learn how to find a great Realtor? Discover 6 tips to help you find a great Realtor® to assist you in the home buying or selling process.

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"Ask Theresa" is here!

There’s this incredible new livestream coming up on Facebook. Its called “Ask Theresa." Every Wednesday at noon, Theresa is going to answer your real estate questions. What better way to finally get connected with a great realtor, get to know her awesome agents and learn more about real estate.


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She’s going to tell you what’s happening around Columbus, Ohio in areas such as:

  • Neighborhood values
  • School districts
  • Buyers vs. sellers markets
  • Homeownership programs
  • New builder companies
  • Home staging for sellers
  • Preparing your finances for purchase
  • Revitalization zones to invest in
  • Property Management
  • And so much more!

Got a question? She has the answer!

Do you want Theresa to answer one of your real estate questions on an upcoming Facebook livestream? Ask it below and we'll email you the link to the Take A Look Real Estate page where the show will take place.

860 Oakland Park Ave.

Columbus, OH 43224

email: [email protected]

phone: 614-778-8503